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  • 2012
    • October
      • Sports Photography

        We have all at one time or another been captivated by sports images. It may be Kirk Gibson's World Series Homerun, and the image of him running the bases, overcoming the pain he was in or an image of high flying Michael Jordan slam dunking a basketball with his tongue out. We

      • Marketing Management

        Market:- Market is a place where buyers and sellers meets and goods and services sales and buys producers.

        Marketing:- It is a total system of business activities design to plan promote and distribute wantsatisfying goods and services to target market.

        Marketing m

      • iphone Development

        Programming Objective-C 2.0 – Beginner book goes through Objective-C basics, OO principles, and C language syntax. Does not assume that you know C/C++ or Java. This book may be a bit difficult for absolute beginners, but if you stick with it this book will teach you the basics you need to